Colorado/Louisiana, Mural and Landscape Painting, Ceramic, Educator

Tabor Utley was a painter, ceramist, and stage designer active in Colorado Springs where he established a studio in the mid-1930s.

Coming to Colorado for his health, he first stopped in Denver and studied art with Robert Graham and J. Campbell Corey. He founded a commercial art business for the production of stage sets and Colorado maps. He traveled around the state, which stirred his interest in the terrain and landscape painting. From 1928 to the early 1930s, he took landscape painting classes a the Broadmoor Art Academy in Colorado Springs, studying with Ernest Lawson, Ward Lockwood, Randall Davey and Boardman Robinson. Lawson’s impasto technique became apparent as an influence in Utley’s painting, as was Robinson’s teaching that “invisible structure exist in design” because of the strength of Utley’s composition including firm contract of shape and color.

Utley became a teaching assistant for Robinson at the Boardmoor Art Academy in the summer of 1934. In 1932 he helped Robinson with murals for Radio City Music Hall in New York City. For Utley, this led to mural commissions in Colorado Springs at the old Antlers Hotel and the City Auditorium.

Utley also taught at Pueblo Junior College. His work is in the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center.

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