Colorado/Canada, Landscape, Illustration

Leslie J. Skelton, a highly popular late 19th and early 20th century artist, was born in Canada and came to Colorado Springs in the 1890’s for his health. He studied in Paris. Prior to 1885, his work was exhibited in Paris, London, New York and Montreal. He organized the first art exhibition at Perkins Hall, Colorado College in 1900. The exhibition included Colorado Springs artists Harvey Otis Young, Charles Craig and Anne Parrish. Skelton was a director of the Broadmoor Art Society, public-spirited and untiring in his efforts to bring the best art to Colorado Springs. He was also a patron of art and designed and executed the colored glass window for the new Grace Church (Grace Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs).

Skelton’s work is included in the National Gallery, Canada; Perkins Art Gallery, Colorado College; Montreal Art Association; Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; and the El Pomar Foundation collection.

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