Colorado/Minnesota, Genre, Figure, and Marine Painting, Graphics

Arnest served both as head of the Art School and Professor of Art at Colorado College, 1957-1971, and was a widely recognized artist. He was born in Denver, Colorado and studied at the Fine Arts Center. He was a student of Boardman Robinson and Henry Varnum Poor. In 1940 he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for creative work in painting and had his first one-man show at the San Francisco Museum of Art. During the war he served as an Army lieutenant and Chief War Artist in the European Theater of Operations, 1944-1945.

Following the war, he worked in New York City, 1945-1947. He exhibited at the Whitney Annual of American Painting, the Pittsburgh International, Corcoran Biennial, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. In 1947 he became chief instructor at the Minneapolis School of Art and prior to moving to Colorado Springs in 1957, he was associate professor of Art at the University of Minnesota.

Arnest painted murals at the veterans service building on the State Capitol grounds in St. Paul, Minnesota and for the First National Bank of Southdale, Minnesota. In 1960 he was a state department grantee of Afghanistan to paint the Afghan scene. He has been listed both in “Who’s Who in Art” and “Who’s Who in America.”

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