Art dealers enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience. In addition to educating perspective and established clients at their own galleries, many dealers accompany collectors to artists’ studios, museums, art fairs, auctions and other galleries in order to encourage a well-informed approach to acquisitions. Dealers advise their clients about lending and donating art, insurance, framing, conservation, cataloguing and other subjects of mutual interest.

Dealers encourage and collaborate in the formation of collections, assisting their clients in developing an overall strategy and focus. Museums and non-profit spaces commonly request curatorial advice from dealers and ask for help in locating works the institutions wish to borrow for exhibition.

Collectors require appraisal for a wide variety of purposes: insurance, legal matters, tax issues and estate planning. Dealers are sensitive to the nuances that distinguish these different types of appraisal, and their years of experience make them particularly adept at interpreting comparable sales, both private and public.

Buying a work of art from a dealer is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Art dealers not only help collectors, but can also help clients sell works when the time comes to change the direction of a collection. It is always worth consulting the dealer who originally sold you a work before reoffering it, since dealers frequently keep track of requests for specific works on behalf of clients.

Secondary-Market Dealers handle work that is brought to the market for resale on behalf of collectors, institutions and estates. Often these dealers specialize in particular periods or artists, developing a considerable and unique fund of knowledge.

Private dealers operate on an appointment-only basis and are not usually geared to working with the walk-in public; often they will cater to the individual needs of a select group of private clients.

Both private and public dealers share a serious commitment to their areas of expertise and are available to advise on everything from the acquisition of a single work to the formation or sale of an entire collection.

Art Consultants serve as legs and eyes for collectors too busy to make the rounds themselves. Many well-established consultants bring to their task years of experience, taste and knowledge.

Source: American Art Dealers Association

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