(b 1930)

New York, Mod Flags-Pop Symbols, Sculptor 

Painter, sculptor, and printmaker Jasper Johns became one of America’s best-known post-Abstract Expressionists and Minimalists.  His name is most associated with pictorial images of flags and numbers, Pop-Art subjects that he depicted in Minimalist style with emphasis on linearity, repetition, and symmetry.  Johns completed his first flag painting in 1955, alphabet subjects in 1956, sculpture in 1958, and lithographs in 1960. 

For more information about Jasper Johns and to see samples of his work visit The Museum of Modern Art, New York website at URL: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/1996/johns/

Sources: Matthew Baigell, “Dictionary of American Art” and Michael Zellman, “300 Years of American Art”

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